Solving software problems in organ engineering. Solving software problems in organ engineering.
Solving software problems in organ engineering.
Engineering Excellence
More stable software. More experiments run by your biologists.
Our work on software products in process equipment automation has never been more professionally designed and maintained without Nathan's help. He has innovated in our space and offered solutions to novel problems only our research lab has faced. His holistic approach often properly re-prioritizes and addresses the greatest issues we face. Whether it is software design, infrastructure, data collection and pipelining, or data analysis, Nathan will work a solution that meets requirements and is quick to execute and deliver. He is also always a pleasure to work with and sports a variety of quality jokes.
Keaton Bruce, Software Engineer
United Therapeutics
Data Pipelines
Reduce complexity, increase understanding of your data.
Nathan provided excellent guidance and led the transition and implementation of our team adopting software development best-practices including CI/CD and test-driven development. Nathan’s great at doing preliminary research and exploring implementations for R&D engineering groups to utilize the latest technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Being able to outsource this allows us to stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve, without taking away from our current priorities.
Stan Ayers, CMO

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